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Soul Parenting

For parents with children 0-18 years of age. Commune with your child's soul to know their individual needs, and soul purpose. 

Soul Purpose

For young adults 16-25 years of age. Explore your soul's purpose, and prepare for your life path. 

Soul Partnership

For individuals/couples seeking to better understand the soul connection & composite energy within their relationship.

Soul Presence

For exploring the depths of your spiritual gifts and providing the precise rituals to foster them. 

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Oracle Message: A channeled message emanating unconditional love, reassurance, and soul purpose for the recipient. 

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"This audiobook is one of the most powerful hours you’ll ever have! It holds the keys to
understanding past trauma and co-dependency as well as how to free yourself from suffering
and stop potentially dangerous cycles of perpetuation.
As always, Calie speaks in a way that allows you to really understand and absorb this message. Healing Empathetic Distress will leave you with clarity and a feeling of empowerment."

- Tricia Petrosky, AZ

As a professional intuitive for nearly a decade, my readings serve the purpose of healing, and empowerment.

Though each client, and reading is unique, there are many inherent wisdoms channeled to provide a foundation of education, and support. I have compiled these wisdoms, and observations into audiobooks. 


I have been working with Calie for the past five years. She is one of the most attuned, grounded and incredibly gifted energy and intuitive healers I have ever worked with. The guidance and clarity I get from my sessions when working with her have guided and profoundly transformed my life. She has given me invaluable guidance in my personal and professional life. I have moved through life experiences with so much more ease and presence with her guidance. After speaking to her I feel as if I have been speaking to heaven. The wisdom and light she brings into our sessions are beyond this time and space. I can’t recommend her enough!!  I have referred all my close family, friends and patients to work with her, as I know she will guide their lives to become the most aligned and enlightened with their life path. I continue to work with her and reach out to her when I need another call from heaven. 

Dr. Judy Hinojosa, AZ


Spirit led parenting

For parents, and their children.

(Hopeful parents too!)


Many of our deepest life questions can be answered with astrology.

Neruo patterns

Understanding your empathic nature.

The soul's


Clearing trauma patterns & attaining inherent wisdom for soul growth. 


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