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The soul is an expression of spiritual energy as a means to experience life on Earth.


The soul's record of experience is recorded within the energy field. Some call these recordings the akashic record, or soul record, others call it karma. 

For those who resonate with reincarnation, these records include all past life experiences in addition to current life events. 

The soul records also include ancestral influence by way of our physical DNA being linked with the energy field. 

All experiences on Earth result in trauma and/or wisdom, depending on the support provided at the time, or following the event. 

Trauma held within the energy field causes 'patterns' resulting in unhealthy karmic cycles, blocking the soul's ultimate evolution. 

If you are experiencing what feels like stagnation on a soul level, desire to be released from disempowering ways of being, or continuously manifest the same unhealthy life experience, an intuitive healing session is recommended.


Within a healing session, we will explore the karmic energy to discover where the trauma originates (current life/past life/ancestral), as well as who it may also involve (another soul from the past/present), and where the trauma is being held within the energy field (psyche/body/empathic energy). 

We will process the original trauma, giving it full presence, and healing in order to transmute the unhealthy karma into wisdom attained, restoring proper flow within the energy field.

Life on Earth, from the soul's perspective is not about perfection, but about experiencing growth. 

These clearings offer the soul the ability to experience exponential growth, and move on toward the next evolution. 

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