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If you're wondering what your dharma (soul's calling/life purpose) is, or simply desire confirmation, astrology provides incredible insight for this topic. Combining channeled messages from your soul, guides, and spirit with aspects of your chart brings deep resonance, and clear direction for your soul's path for evolution/growth, as well as your offering to this world. Read more about the soul's evolution here.


Astrology is commonly referred to as 'cosmic psychology.' Seeing your psyche reflected back to you in detail is empowering, and a single reading can catapult you forward on your path of self awareness. 

Here are some examples of the many life affirming concepts within astrology:
Chiron (deepest psychological wound/how to heal it)

Mars (dealing with conflict)

Venus (Desired and offered love languages)

Juno (Desired marriage/long term relationship experience)

Vesta (Self care needs)

Astrea (Values, morals, beliefs)

Typical aspects of the psyche found within each house (not a complete list)

1st Your approach to growth

2nd Your needs for security

3rd How you communicate/learn

4th How you feel safe/loved

5th How you express your talents/experience passion

6th What you have to offer/how you behave

7th What you're looking for in partnership/how you treat partners

8th How you transform

9th How you evolve

10th What you do

11th Your experience of community

12th How you heal


My clients often ask what they can do to establish or deepen the connection with their soul, and their chosen higher power. Your chart will provide specific rituals, and habits supporting these desires. In addition to spiritual connection, explroing your specific spiritual gifts, and how to strengthen them is recommended. 


Your birth chart reflects many aspects of the relationships you manifest, and how to bring understanding, and healing to them.

Common relationship dynamics:

Parents (Mother/Father)

Spouse (Desired future spouse)

Karmic relationships needing clearing

Soul Mates



Business Partners




Many factors create our baseline for overall health. Supporting your physical health can feel confusing with all the conflicting information out in the world today. Intuitive astrology is a great way to pin point the specific support your physical body requires. 


Here are some elements we review to provide specific direction for aspects of physical health:

Soul archetype (this essence creates your physical expression)

Energetic composition/empathic self (This energy causes your body to respond physically)

Psyche (Mental stress can cause mysterious physical symptoms)

Emotional responses (Emotional stress cab cause physical tension/suffering)

Physical body constitution (This provides information for nutrition/lifestyle needs)

Environment (Sensitivities, need for support, etc.)

Some of the information astrology provides for health include:


Nutrition (what foods to eat, what foods to avoid)

Healthcare (what types of healthcare providers to work with)

Treatment (what types of wellness services to consider for best results)

Lifestyle (creating, and maintaining a healthy life)

Trauma (how to process, and heal from trauma)


Additionally, I provide safe, and effective homeopathic support with the use of cell salts, and flower essences, based on the Information provided in your chart, and from your soul. 


Please review the Intuitive Astrology page for detailed Information before scheduling your astrology reading. When scheduling, you will provide your birth information, and simply state your desired topics for your reading. 

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