I support my client's with navigating their physical, and emotional health. I do this by reading the energy of the following:


Spiritual archetype

Energetic composition



Physical body


I combine these elements with my client's birth chart to provide specific direction for all aspects of health. 


Typical information provided during an astrology reading for health includes:


Nutrition (what foods to eat, what foods to avoid)

Healthcare (what types of healthcare providers to work with)

Treatment (what types of wellness services to consider for best results)

Lifestyle (creating, and maintaining a healthy life)

Trauma (how to process, and heal from trauma)

Relationships (healing, and navigating connection with others)


Additionally, I provide safe, and effective homeopathic support with the use of cell salts, and flower essences, based on the Information provided in your chart, and from your soul. 


Please review the Intuitive Astrology page for detailed Information before scheduling your astrology reading. When scheduling, you will provide your birth information, and simply state 'health' as one of your desired topics, or your only topic for your reading. 

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