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*I do not use the term 'disorder' in reference to autism. I do respect all terms my client's use for self identification. Many of my clients don't feel it necessary to have a label, thus I use the general term 'individual neuro-pattern' commonly throughout my practice. I update copy on my website often, as I channel and learn more, striving to use my words to empower others. 



Reading for, and supporting those with autism, and those suspected to be neuro unique, as well as their loved ones is something I am deeply proud of. I am married to a man with autism, and I carry many traits of unique neuro patterns resulting in my psychic abilities. 

Why have a reading:

Individuals with autism/unique neuro-patterns need to process with someone who understands autism, and will not course correct, or judge/critique. A reading with me provides a safe, and compassionate space to explore the energy of their life experiences. Connecting with the needs of their body, emotions, unique psyche, and their soul is vital. 

I work with parents of non-verbal children, channeling communication from their child, as well as assisting with bridging the communication gap by means of energetic, and spiritual tools provided for their daily life. 

Individuals in relationship with someone with autism/unique neuro-patterns deserve to be heard for their unique experience. Loving someone with autism can feel isolating when you do not have support from a professional who understands your experience. A reading will provide insight for the relationship, as well as pull focus back to the health of the individual. 


Parents of children with autism benefit from communication with their child's soul, to receive direction for parenting. 

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