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Click to listen to my podcast episode on Binaural Beats!

Binaural Beats are a form of sound frequency therapy providing you with relaxation, healing, and meditative trance. I use binaural beats daily, and recommend this form of self-care to my clients. For detailed information on the science behind binaural beats click here. 

Benefits of Binaural Beats:

Cognition (improve focus, attention, memory)
Creativity (problem solving, processing information, writing, etc.)
Mood (calming, eliminate anxiety/stress, reduce depression, enhance wellbeing/happiness) 
Alter consciousness (assistance with entering a meditative state/trance)

Intuition (increase connection with higher power/soul/guides, strengthen spiritual gifts, develop discernment) 
Healing (support/amplify healing physically, mentally, and emotionally/psychologically) 

Sleep (deep, restorative, and healing power-nap/sleep)

You may click the links, and buttons below to view/purchase binaural beats mediation tracks.

Calie's Top Picks:

Healing (Alpha Brainwaves)
(relaxing, increase mental clarity/intuition, revitalize, eliminate anxiety)

Alpha Waves
Calming and nurturing Like being held within the womb, and gently rocked. Increases a sense of safety and regulates the nervous system. Great for a midday reset. 

Gratitude Mediation 
Heart centering, and inspiring. Enhances presence to love. Promotes connection with yourself, others, and all of life. 

Serotonin Boost
Uplifting, and mood altering. Releases tension, and irritability. Doing this daily can support mental health, especially throughout winter months. 

Meditative (Theta Brainwaves)
(trance inducing, deeper processing, enhance creativity/psychic abilities, trauma relief) 


Theta Rain
Cleansing, and invigorating. Promotes a zen like flow state for trance, and deep creative/intuitive concentration. I use this meditation for channel writing, chanting prayer, and breath work. 

Earth Vibration

Grounding, and expansive. Feels like getting acupuncture for your mind, and energy. Promotes connection with the Earth, your body, and natural rhythms of life. 

Astral Projection
Very hypnotic. Great for visualizing desired manifestations for your future, rewriting past events to release trauma, communing with beings of other dimensions, connecting with guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed on. 

Sleep (Delta Brainwaves)
(For deep restorative sleep, or revitalizing power naps)

Sound Asleep
A nice ritual for bedtime. Allows the body, and mind to wind down with ease, and promotes longer lasting deep healing rest. 

Power Nap
Recover from stress/excess stimuli. This track will take you deep into a restorative reset, then back up into vitality for continuing your day. 


Combination Brainwaves:

Chakra Healing

Balance your life force and light source. Harmonizing for your physical, energetic, and spiritual elements. Recommended for activating masculine/feminine energies, and deepening presence with all divine elements of life.

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*I recommend this brand for 3 reasons: I have noticed an immense difference in my life since I personally found and began using them. They are 'one time purchase' tracks eliminating the need to have a subscription for life/and for listening on airplane mode to avoid stimuli *EMF* from your phone. They are affordable as well as commonly on sale. ​

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