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Energy medicine may be added to any session type, and is provided immediately following your session. You will be required to lay or sit in meditation (stillness/deep breathing) for at least 5 minutes for me to connect with your energy field. After the first 5 minutes, you are welcome to stay in meditation for the duration (*15-30 minutes total), or go about your day. 

*Time varies. I work until your soul signals completion. 


$35 (added to the session fee)


When you add energy medicine to your reading, you will enjoy added integration for what came through during your session, as well as healing. 

During your session I am deeply connected with your energy, your soul, and spiritual guides. I observe the energy that requires healing. I also observe what blessings your spiritual guides would like for you to receive. 

Why Energy Work:

The body, mind, and spirit crave this time of complete surrender, and support.

This is a time for you to relax, and receive Divine presence. You may also be acting as a healer for others. I offer energy work as a way to provide you opportunity to fully surrender, recharge, integrate, and recalibrate. 

If you are showing up for your loved ones/clients (assisting in their healing processes), but struggle to receive support from others, this service is especially recommended.

This experience will deepen your connection to the support of the Divine, and assist you in developing traits of true intimacy with the self, and interdependence with others. 

What is Provided:

I work with your subtle body (energy field), providing energy healing, and attunement. 

You may experience sensations, see visions, and/or sense the presence of Divine beings. 

How to Prepare:
Energy work follows your session, so you will already be in a quiet, and comfortable space. It is recommended that you lay down, but you may sit upright in a comfortable position as well. If you prefer to listen to a guided meditation, or calming music, or be in nature, this is fine. Whatever you usually do to meditate/relax is suggested. Focus on breathing deeply, and slowly for at least 5 minutes, but you are welcome to continue for up to 30 minutes. 

What to Expect Following the Energy Work:
You will feel a greater sense of connection with the Divine, Mother Earth, life, and others. You may also experience continued stress relief, and heart centeredness. 

Energy medicine is recommended as needed, for the purpose of connection to Divine support, and love. 

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