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Healing sessions are offered remotely, over the phone. Your session is recorded, and emailed to you. (Unless international)

International sessions (outside US) are offered via Skype/WhatsApp voice call. Please include your Skype or WhatsApp username when scheduling your international session. 

You will need to choose a comfortable, and quiet space to be away from all distractions/responsibilities during your healing session. Due to the nature of a healing session, it is required you be somewhere you can move through possibly intense emotions safely, and comfortably. 

Initial Session 60 Minutes: $280
Initial Session 90 Minutes: $380
Follow Up Session 60 Minutes: $220
Follow Up Session 90 Minutes: $340
Energy Medicine Add On: $35 *Read about Energy Healing here

*A minimum of 60 minutes is required for initial healing sessions. 

*I accommodate overtime by generously spacing sessions apart. 
*I bill based on time. Billing for overtime is based on the 'follow up' rate.
*Client is responsible for time management based on their budget. 
*Payment options: 
Square (card information provided over the phone)
PayPal (Email link will be sent for checking out online/guest checkout available)

Venmo (I will send a request for payment via Venmo),
'Calie Bohm' gift card checkout (If the gift card covers the balance, I will check you out on my end. If you will be using a gift card as partial payment, I will send you an invoice via email using Square).

*Please reschedule/cancel your session 72 hours before your scheduled appointment.  

To prepare for your session, please review the following information:


A healing session provides you the opportunity to enter deeply into a single, and major topic of discussion/exploration. In a typical 'Intuitive Reading', we tend to cover a lot of ground, weaving between many topics. I recommend a 'Healing Session' when you feel deeply called towards resolving a single, and major issue/trauma within your life. 

Once you choose your single topic, we will let your soul provide us with guidance for your healing. I specialize in many healing modalities, including; past life regression, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, attunements, theta healing, quantum jumping, energy reading/balancing (chakras, meridians, elements), and other rituals in support of the healing process. I am also a medical intuitive, and can offer guidance for your physical health to support your healing process as well. 

Your topic may be as vague as, "grief", or "depression", and you do not have to know where the sensation stems from. Your topic may also be regarding a pattern/cycle that causes issues for you (ex: codependency, addition, etc.). You may also choose a specific traumatic event. Though it is required you choose a single topic/theme, we will explore the many ways it ties into your life. 

Why Have a Healing Session:

 The body holds the energy of your experiences both in this lifetime, and past lives (or 'ancestral trauma' if you do not resonate with reincarnation). 

Working with the subtle energies (subconscious mind and energy field) provides profound, and powerful change in ones life. 

A single thought can change the vibration of your entire being. 

Together, we will practice ancient healing practices to attune your body, energy, and spirit to a higher vibration.

Raising your vibration means correcting internal systems (body/mind, and energy), in order to create a new external reality, attuned to a superior frequency than before.

Einstein stated, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

When we explore the subtle energies of your being, and correct the vibrational frequency; health, wellbeing, and abilities to act from a place of power heightens. All illness, both bodily, and mentally trace back to energy frequencies being misaligned due to trauma to the subtle bodies. 

Clearing trauma, and attuning your body, energy, and spirit to act as one, in harmony, will bring positive changes within every aspect to your life on Earth.  

What is Provided:

Prior to calling you for your appointment, I will create a ceremony to invite in all helpful spirits who wish to serve you along side me, as well as receive anything that comes through on your behalf. 

 During your healing session, we will explore your main topic of interest, process, and heal past experiences, and set intentions of blessings for your body, mind, and energy. We will address the topic you've chosen, as well as any information your soul feels you stand in need of. 

How to Prepare:

You must be in a quiet, comfortable place with zero distraction, with zero responsibility to another person, or task. It is recommended that you lay down, and have headphones in for the session, but you may sit upright in a comfortable position as well. 

Following your Reading:

Processing trauma, and raising your vibration will recalibrate every part of your being, and life on Earth. Following your session, you may notice the presence of angelic beings, increased self awareness, ability to meet your needs as a human being/spiritual being, and an increase of intimacy in your relationships. 

I recommend follow up healing sessions as needed. Healing is done is layers, and should be done intuitively. You will know when to have another session, and when to wait. 

Topics to Consider in choosing your ONE topic for deep healing:

Parents, children, spouses, partners, siblings, friends, etc. 


Accidents, illness, sexual abuse, physical abuse, etc. 


Abuse, neglect, disorders, depression, anxiety, etc. 

genetic disease, mental health, abuse, accidents, war, beliefs, etc. 


Flashbacks, mystery illness, confusing life patter/cycle, etc.


Nervous system disorders, behavioral issues, attachment disorders, neglect, abuse, etc.

Death of a loved one, traumatic deaths, child loss/pregnancy loss, etc.
(Some women find if helpful to process an abortion if their experience was traumatic for them emotionally, psychologically, and/or physically. I do not judge, and hold space for this topic open heartedly. I also never assume if someone has had an abortion that they hold trauma from it.)

raising your vibration, manifesting, clairvoyance, channeling, second sight, shamanism, healing abilities, etc. 

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