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Astrology Readings are offered remotely, over the phone. Your session is recorded, and emailed to you. (Unless international)

International sessions (outside US) are offered via Skype/WhatsApp voice call. Please include your Skype or WhatsApp username when scheduling your international session. 

You will need to choose a comfortable, and quiet space to be away from all distractions/responsibilities during your reading. You may sit in your car (not driving), or outside in nature if this supports you.


Initial Session 90 Minutes: $366
Initial Session 120 Minutes: $488
Follow Up Session 60 minutes: $244
Follow Up Session 90 Minutes: $366
Energy Healing Add On: $35 *Read about Energy Healing here

*A minimum of 90 minutes is required for initial Astrology sessions. 

*I accommodate overtime by generously spacing sessions apart. 
*I bill based on time. Billing for overtime is based on the 'follow up' rate.
*Client is responsible for time management based on their budget. 
*Payment options: 
Square (card information provided over the phone)
PayPal (Email link will be sent for checking out online/guest checkout available)

Venmo (I will send a request for payment via Venmo),
'Calie Bohm' gift card checkout (If the gift card covers the balance, I will check you out on my end. If you will be using a gift card as partial payment, I will send you an invoice via email using Square).

*Please reschedule/cancel your session 72 hours before your scheduled appointment.  

To prepare for your session, please review the following information:


Life is about experiencing. Astrology looks at what creates your life experience. Your birth chart provides specific information about who you are, how you behave, what you need/desire, and what you will experience in this lifetime. 

I specialize in, 'Intuitive Astrology.' This means, in addition to providing traditional astrological perspectives, I provide you with in depth channeled information based on your individual chart, through the lens of your soul.  Even if you have had an astrology reading before, you may be surprised to hear what your soul has to share this time with you! Each Intuitive Astrology session will provide new, and unique information, as the cosmos, and you, are always in motion.

Why Have an Intuitive Astrology Reading:

Having an intuitive astrology reading provides the ability to strengthen self awareness, align with your dharma, and bring understanding/empowerment to your life experiences. 

What is Provided:

Prior to your appointment, I will review, and channel guidance from your astrological chart. I will focus on the main topics you've chosen, as well as anything that comes through intuitively on your behalf. 

During your reading, we will explore the energy you bring this Earth, process, and heal past experiences, as well as peer into opportunities you have to manifest in this lifetime. We will address the topics you've chosen, as well as any information your soul feels you stand in need of. 

How to Prepare:

*You will need to provide your birth information (date, time, city/state), and main topics of interest upon scheduling. You may share this information in the 'note' section while scheduling your session, or by emailing:

You are not limited in your number of topics, though we may be limited based on time. You are welcome to add additional topics at the time of your session. 

Following your Reading:

Seeing into the complexities, and uniqueness of your birth chart is invigorating, and life affirming.  Following your reading, you will notice shifts, miracles, and healing in your life. With knowledge, comes power, and the ability to make decisions from a place of deep self awareness. 

Astrology is complex, and tends to unfold throughout a lifetime. I recommend follow up readings as needed, as you desire more information.

Topics to Consider:
*The following list includes the 12 general themes found within the 12 houses (sections) of a birth chart. 

New beginnings, body, attitude, identity, approach to life.

Daily routines/work, cash flow, home, food, values, material possessions. 

Mind, thought, speaking, social activity, siblings/neighbors, early development.

Home life, ancestors, childhood, mother, emotions, children, foundation/boundaries, femininity/women.

Joy, pleasure, romance, play, hobbies, freedom, creativity, expression.

Mental/physical health, hygiene/fitness, service to others, work habits, analytical self, organizational skills.

Marriage/long term personal relationships, business partners, contracts, sharing/equality, interpersonal style.

Energy, death, mysticism, debts, loans, assets, sex, intimacy, partners resources, goals/desires. 

Travel, wisdom, philosophy, religion, higher education, law, culture, learning, ethics.

Long term goals, drive/ambition, structure, Father, masculinity/men, public image, success, legacy.

Friendships, social awareness, sense of humanity, connection to hope, altruism.

Psyche, endings, closure, subconscious, solitude, karma, old age, past lives, afterlife.

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