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Intuitive Readings are offered remotely, over the phone. Your session is recorded, and emailed to you. (Unless international)

International sessions (outside US) are offered via Skype/WhatsApp voice call. Please include your Skype or WhatsApp username when scheduling your international session. 

You will need to choose a comfortable, and quiet space to be away from all distractions/responsibilities during your reading. You may sit in your car (not driving), or outside in nature if this supports you.



Initial Session 60 Minutes: $245
Initial Session 90 Minutes: $345
Follow Up Session 30 Minutes: $100
Follow Up Session 60 Minutes: $200
Follow Up Session 90 Minutes: $300 
Energy Healing Add On: $35 *Read about Energy Healing here

*A minimum of 60 minutes is required for initial intuitive sessions. 
*I accommodate overtime by generously spacing sessions apart. 
*I bill based on time. Billing for overtime is based on the 'follow up' rate.
*Client is responsible for time management based on their budget. 
*Payment options: 
Square (card information provided over the phone)
PayPal (Email link will be sent for checking out online/guest checkout available)

Venmo (I will send a request for payment via Venmo),
'Calie Bohm' gift card checkout (If the gift card covers the balance, I will check you out on my end. If you will be using a gift card as partial payment, I will send you an invoice via email using Square).

*Please reschedule/cancel your session 72 hours before your scheduled appointment.  

To prepare for your session, please review the following information:


Communion with body, emotions, and soul is your birthright. You hold within you wisdom for healing, and empowerment for living life on Earth. During your session, these inherent messages will come forth, and remind you of your life's purpose, natural rhythms, and abilities as a physical, energetic and spiritual being. 

As a professional intuitive, it is my pleasure to channel information for you, though my highest calling is to create the space, and provide counsel for you to deepen your connection with your Higher Self (soul), and become your own intuitive. 

My practice is referred by medical doctors, counselors, holistic practitioners, and my clients throughout the world.

My clients have diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and reasons for readings. I welcome all.

Why Have a Reading:


Many of my clients have struggled for years with medical problems, emotional suffering, confusion, etc. They may have even met with numerous professionals in the medical, and mental health care fields. A reading with me brings them back to their soul's true essence, which provides them truth, understanding, peace, confirmations, direction, and purpose. 

What is provided:

During your reading you will ask me questions, and we will receive answers from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your soul. The soul is flawless, true and unwavering. It does not allow trauma, stories we tell ourselves, stories other people impress upon us, guilt, shame or circumstances to get in the way of messages. 

Your Higher Self will bring you the highest of clarity, understanding, and direction for your experiences, relationships, emotions, physical symptoms, etc. I also channel clear messages from your angels, guides, and other spiritual beings sent to bring forth energy of truth. 


As a medium I also interpret messages through promptings, and symbols from your loved ones who have crossed over.

You may ask about past lives (if this resonates with you). Looking into past life dynamics, circumstances and relationships brings a lot of understanding as well as healing to this life.
*For those who believe in singular lives, asking about ancestral trauma will provide the same insights, and direction for healing. 


In addition to channeling messages from your soul, angels, and guides, I utilize my gifts as an energy reader to provide a precise read on any and all life experiences. Providing an accurate physical/energetic/spiritual read on your relationships, and experiences allow for you to be empowered in your life choices, and direction resulting in greater health and joy. 

I conduct all of my sessions as forms of energy work. You will notice a shift in your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  

How to prepare:

Please write a list of questions for your reading (this will need to be with you for the session). You will create main subjects of interest. For example: personal/emotional, physical/medical, career, relationships, family, etc. (see more examples below).

You will then write specific questions listed beneath each subject. We can start with the “most important” and work from there. If you are only focused on one subject, this is fine. If you feel called to allow Spirit to guide the reading, and show up with no questions, this works too.

During your reading we may receive unexpected messages from your Higher Self as well as from other souls. Sometimes we don't know everything that we should ask. Your Higher Self, and your guides will make sure you receive everything you need, and more!

Following your reading:

Communicating with your Higher Self is life changing. Following your reading, you may notice shifts, miracles, and healing in your life. With knowledge, comes power, and the ability to make decisions to change the course of your life. 

I recommend follow up readings as needed, as you navigate new territories. 

Topics to consider:

Trauma, loss, childhood, relationships, understanding life experiences, etc.

Karmic relationships (healing exchanges/karmic contracts), divorce, commitment, understanding your partner, etc.

Disease, illness, medicines/supplements, health, fitness, weight loss, etc.

Career path, switching careers, business startups, retiring, etc.

Wondering what your higher calling in life is? Feeling called to do something greater, or different from what you are doing now? Do you know your Dharma? 
*If this is a MAJOR topic for you, I recommend considering an Astrology reading instead, as astrology tends to explore this topic at length from every aspect of your life. 


Family planning, understanding your child, parenting your child, parent/child Relationships, children illness, child loss, Special needs children, Autism, ADD/ADHD, schooling, intelectually gifted children, spiritually gifted children, etc.
*If you know your child's time of birth, I highly recommend an astrology session to provide insight on your child's needs, and dharma.  

Wellness of the home/land you live in/on. Moving, purchasing, renting, where to live, roommates. Communicating with energies/ghosts inhabiting the home.

Selecting a family pet, pet behavior, pet needs, pet illness, pet death, communicating with pets after their passing, etc. 

Starting a new business, business direction, employees, business partner relationships, business vision, growth, simplifying, etc.

Speaking with the souls of loved ones from either side of the veil (living or dead). 


Communicating with the energy of those who have passed. 

Connect, and communicate with spiritual guides, angels, saints, ascended masters, etc. 

Look into past life trauma, healing past life trauma, past life relationships, past life experience, etc. *If this is a MAJOR topic of interest for you, I recommend a Healing session, as this will allow for us to investigate your past lives in more depth, and provide the healing space to process trauma/past life experiences. 

Understanding family trauma, how to clear yourself, and your posterity of emotional, and physical trauma/illness. *If this is a MAJOR topic of discussion for you, I recommend considering a Healing session, as this will allow for us to focus on your processing/healing of ancestral trauma. 

You have natural spiritual gifts, and abilities to bless this Earth, and those around you. When you know of your gifts, and practice them regularly, these abilities strengthen. 


Dreams are both personal prophecy, and also a call for healing. Clarity for recurring & individual dreams allows for new messages to come through. 


Do you notice recurring numbers, signs, or messages your guides and angels use to communicate with you? We will ask what these signs mean specifically. Do you repeat the same unhealthy patters or struggle with chronic fear/phobias? We will read the energy causing these issues, and channel the necessary information, and healing process. 

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