Neurodiversity is a viewpoint that differences in thinking, learning, and communicating is normal, rather than an issue, or a problem to be corrected. 

If you, or a loved one is struggling with traditional schooling, communication, relationships, self expression, emotional distress, digestive health issues, or a general feeling of being 'different', this may be due to neurodivergence. Individuals with heightened intellectual, artistic, or spiritual gifts may also be neurodivergent. 


If you identify as an 'Empath', or have heightened gifts of intuition (perceiving information), you may be neurodivergent. 

I am intimately connected to this concept of neurdiversity through my personal life, and professional career, and can say with confidence, that I believe individuals touched with neurodivergence play an integral role in humanity. We need to create a world that celebrates neurodiversity, as we need these differences for the health, and wellbeing of our society. 


I choose to use the term 'neurodivergence' in my practice because many of my clients are not 'diagnosed' with a specific condition, nor do they need to be. I see individuals as having  a complex constellation of traits, creating their unique neurodiverse profile. No two neurodivergent people are the same. Furthermore, someone who is neurodivergent in one area of life, can also be considered very 'neurotypical' in another. 

Conditions categorized as being neurodivergent include, but are not limited to:






Autism Spectrum


Click here for more information on my work with Autism.

Why have a reading:

Living in today's 'neurotypical dominant' environment can cause someone with neurodivergence to feel disoriented in life. 


A reading provides the space for exploring, and connecting to the psyche, energy, emotions, and soul of the neurodivergent individual. When someone knows themself deeply, their relationships, and life experiences are enriched. 

Parents of neurodivergent children benefit from having a reading to provide direction for parenting. 


All types of readings are applicable for neurodivergent individuals. 

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