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 The souls of children wish to communicate with their parents (even before conception) for the purpose of intimacy, and wellbeing. Establishing connection, and skills for maintaining connection with a child's soul renders incredible support, and peace of mind for parents. 

You may choose from either an Intuitive Reading, or an Astrology Reading for connecting with your child/children (including unborn children). If you choose Astrology, you must provide your birth information, as well as your child's birth information if they have been born (time, date, location). You can absolutely have an Astrology reading to connect with potential future children, and in this case I will be using your birth information. 

Why Have a Reading:

Your Child's soul wants you to know why they chose you, what their needs are, and what their life's purpose is.

Hearing the needs of your child straight from their soul takes the guess work out of parenting. What is best for the child, is best for the parent, and vice versa. 

*Parents with children who have special needs, chronic illness, trauma, emotional/behavioral stresses, ADD/ADHD, Autism, non-verbal children, etc. especially benefit from connecting to the answers provided by the soul. 

Hopeful Parents:

If you are wishing to welcome in a child, connecting with the soul of your future child can offer guidance for the conception, pregnancy, and delivery stages. Our children often play the role of a Spiritual Guide before incarnating. 

Parents of Teens:

Stewarding your teen into adulthood can feel overwhelming, and complicated. Readings for parents, and their teenager provides insight, clarity, and direction for families.

What is provided:

During your session, any, and all topics are welcome, as everything connected to you, and your life will play a role in preparing for, and raising your child. 

Answers/insight will be provided by your soul, your child's soul, and whoever else chooses to assist (spirit guides, loved ones, Spirit/God/Universe, etc.) The channeled information is specific to your needs, true desires, and what will be in the highest good for all. 

*Specific information like, conception dates, birth-dates, gender, etc. should not be expected. Some souls share this information, some do not. Souls do however, always share what you need to know. 

*Both parents may be present for the session, though it is typical for only one parent to have the initial session. A follow up with the spouse/partner, and/or the child (of a certain age) may be recommended. 

How to prepare:

You will need to write out a list of topics/questions before your session. Choose topics/questions that apply to you AND child. Messages may also come through without you asking.

Following your reading:

Hopeful parents report less stress in waiting for a baby to come, as well as feeling connected with their child before they arrive (bonus)!

Parents report a sense of calm, well-being, and more time for self-care when they are parenting from the insight of their soul, and their child's soul. Parents also report their child receiving healing, and thriving when provided with their soul's needs.

Parents of teenagers experience greater harmony within their homes, and create healthy interdependent relationships. Depression, and anxiety lessens, while physical, and emotional wellbeing increases. 

Topics to consider:

Fertility, Disease, illness, digestive issues, sleep disruptions, choosing healthcare providers for fertility/pregnancy, healthcare providers for child.

Relationship, Co-parenting, etc. 

Depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Autism, behavioral stress, etc. 

Why your child chose you, Why your child does/doesn't choose your partner, What you will receive spiritually from your child, etc. 

Relationship with your step children, your partners ex's, co-parenting with ex, etc.

Are you meant to foster/adopt, parenting foster kids/adopted children, why they came to you.

Grief, processing the experience, when to begin trying again.

*(Many find it beneficial to discuss/process prior abortion experiences. There is no judgement/opinion/discomfort surrounding this topic on my behalf.)

Connecting with the soul of your child who has passed on.

Establishing wellness within your mind, body, and aligning with your Higher Self (soul).

Choosing the best options for your child's education.

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