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Are you wondering if you are with your soul mate, and ultimate partner? Are you wanting to evolve together, and grow in intimacy? Souls come together, and create a collective energy. What energy are you experiencing together? A Soul Partnership reading will provide individuals with greater insight regarding their relationship with their significant other. 



Enrich your relationship. Understanding the origins or your soul connection, and perhaps the history you have shared (past lives) is exponentially supportive when navigating partnership. Being shown the deeper reasoning behind your meeting, and bringing awareness to the needs of each individual provides purpose, and harmony to the relationship. 



Explore the composite life experience you co-create with your partner. Twin flames ignite each other, twin souls bring each other home, and soul mates bring good fortune. We will explore the details of your spiritual, energetic, and physical connection. 

Expand the cosmic connection, and ease the distress. You may bypass years of couples counseling by getting to the ROOT of your undesirable relationship experiences. We bring healing to unnecessary upsets, patterns, and cycles causing distress when we know the blueprint of our soul connection.

If you are able to provide your birth information/your partners birth information we will explore specific astrological influences on the relationship. Timing/seasons/planetary shifts & cosmic awakenings greatly affect our experiences with each other.


Compile your list of questions for your reading. First write main topics/themes, then list your specific questions beneath each topic. You will not share these questions with me prior to your reading, this just allows for us to be organized and answer all of your questions during your session. *IF you know your birth information, and/or your partners birth information please send this information to me via email or list it in the note section when you schedule. 


Initial Session 60 Minutes: $222

Follow up sessions are recommended as you navigate new territory/desire to increase intimacy. 


Readings are offered remotely, over the phone. Your session is recorded, and emailed to you. (Unless international)

International sessions (outside US) are offered via Skype/WhatsApp voice call. Please include your Skype or WhatsApp username when scheduling your international session. 

You will need to choose a comfortable, and quiet space to be away from all distractions/responsibilities during your reading. You may sit in your car (not driving), or outside in nature if this supports you.

*Must provide birth information when scheduling/yours, and your partners.

(date, time, location)

*Prepare a list of your most desired topics/questions

*This is a specialized reading. If you have other topics of interest, please schedule an 'intuitive reading.'

*I accommodate overtime by generously spacing sessions apart. 
*I bill based on time/charge for overtime (Billed based on $222 per 90 min rate)
*Client is responsible for time management based on their budget. 
*Payment options: 
Square (card information provided over the phone)
PayPal (Email link will be sent for checking out online/guest checkout available)

Venmo (I will send a request for payment via Venmo),
'Calie Bohm' gift card checkout (If the gift card covers the balance, I will check you out on my end. If you will be using a gift card as partial payment, I will send you an invoice via email using Square).

*Please reschedule/cancel your session 72 hours before your scheduled appointment.  

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