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Soul Space Reading




Your environment contributes to how you feel, and experience life. Your home, office, and all other frequented places should provide you with the support to evolve, and live well. 

I serve my clients with optimizing their health, wealth, and wellbeing by reading the energy of their homes and providing easy and practical counsel. I also assist professionals with optimizing their work spaces resulting in increased revenue, supportive work environments, and manifesting the right employees/clients. 



Land, homes, and all other spaces/structures hold an imprint of energy which we sense consciously, and unconsciously. Not only are we highly affected by our environment, we co-create with the space we inhabit cultivating a composite energy which can either be disordered, or empowering. 




I utilize principles of Feng Shui, mediumship, energy reading, and location astrology within a soul space reading. We will process all aspects of your space, addressing the necessary support for you, your family or business to live well, and thrive. I focus on simple/practical ways of harmonizing your space versus extreme/difficult changes. 



*You will need to provide me with a simple sketch of your space prior to your reading. This includes every level of your floorplan, location of exterior doors (most importantly front door), and labels for each room/area according to their function. You may include a general layout of your property as well with major elements, such as; pool, fountains, gardens, sheds/shops, patio, fire pit, etc. Please email your sketch to immediately after scheduling your reading so I may prepare for your appointment. You may also include the name, birth date, and gender of every person relevant to your space. 


*You are welcome to include your birth information (date, time, location) if you would like me to incorporate location astrology to your reading, however this is not required, or necessary. I limit location astrology to the individual receiving the reading only. 


I recommend writing out a list of topics/questions. Here are some common themes relevant to a Soul Space reading:


Health: List any and all diseases, or symptoms you, your family or employees are struggling with.

Career: Advance in your career, make a career change, or discover your optimal career path.


Office/Workspace: Attracting more clients, increasing revenue, hiring/supporting employees.

Spirituality: Connecting with your soul, and spirit guides. Increasing spiritual gifts.

Family: Fertility/conceiving a child/adoption, resolving family conflict (family members may be in, or outside your home).

Wealth: Increasing wealth, cash flow, supporting investments. 


Success: Achieving desired goals, building your legacy.

Relationships/Marriage: Living in harmony, increasing intimacy, healing past hurt feelings. 


Children: Calling in more children, supporting the wellbeing of children within your home. Healthy early childhood development/adolescence. 

Creativity: Increasing your ability to create the life of your dreams, superior problem solving, opening up to abundance mentality, supporting deeper meditation. 


Knowledge: Increase knowledge/wisdom. Support growth/evolution spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally.

Blessings/Good fortune: Call in miracles and opportunities. Support and abundance for you, your family/business. 


Trauma: Support your healing process, releasing traumatic energy. 


Energies/Ghosts: Communicate with the dead, address possible energies needing released, bless the space. 


120 Minutes: $400 *Home/professional space with multiple rooms.

90 Minutes: $300 *Home/professional space with multiple rooms.

60 Minutes: $200 *Single room in home/office space. 



Readings are offered remotely, over the phone. Your session is recorded, and emailed to you. (Unless international)

International sessions (outside US) are offered via Skype voice call or WhatsApp voice call. Please include your Skype username or WhatsApp phone number when scheduling your international session. 


You will need to choose a comfortable, and quiet space to be away from all distractions/responsibilities during your reading. You may sit in your car (not driving), or outside in nature if this supports you.

*You must provide a simple sketch of your space as detailed above prior to your reading for my review.

*Prepare a list of your desired topics/questions for your space

*I accommodate overtime by generously spacing sessions apart. 

*I bill based on time & charge for overtime (based on $200 per 60 min rate)

*Clients are responsible for time management based on their budget. 

*Payment options: 

Square (card information provided over the phone)

PayPal (Email link will be sent for checking out online/guest checkout available)

Venmo (I will send a request for payment via Venmo),

'Calie Bohm' gift card checkout (If the gift card covers the balance, I will check you out on my end. If you will be using a gift card as partial payment, I will send you an invoice via email using Square).

*Please reschedule/cancel your session 72 hours before your scheduled appointment.  

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