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I have been working with Calie for the past five years. She is one of the most attuned, grounded and incredibly gifted energy and intuitive healers I have ever worked with. The guidance and clarity I get from my sessions when working with her have guided and profoundly transformed my life. She has given me invaluable guidance in my personal and professional life. I have moved through life experiences with so much more ease and presence with her guidance. After speaking to her I feel as if I have been speaking to heaven. The wisdom and light she brings into our sessions are beyond this time and space. I can’t recommend her enough!!  I have referred all my close family, friends and patients to work with her, as I know she will guide their lives to become the most aligned and enlightened with their life path. I continue to work with her and reach out to her when I need another call from heaven. 

Dr. Judy Hinojosa, AZ

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